Call for proposals 2017

Hi VR journalist, Hi VR doc-maker,

it is time for yet another VR conference and we are looking for contributions. If you are interested in participating, we have several options here.

The one-day VR Conference for Journalism & Documentary is composed of two modules:

1) In the morning: Keynote speeches

2) In the afternoon: Hands-on sessions (mini-workshops and showcases).


For the morning sessions, we’re looking for speakers with hands-on experience in non-fictional VR, willing to share a 20-minute account of past experiences and visions for the future. If you’re up for sharing your insights, send a short message to with a tentative title, 3-line description and links to your past work / inspiration that you’ve drawn from. New deadline to submit is Friday 21 July 2017 at 11pm CET.

For the afternoon, we’re looking for VR projects (CGI-only) — either in prototyping stage or already published projects —  that you’d like to discuss / brainstorm on / test or paper-prototype in a 90-minute mini-workshop (you will lead the workshop). Beyond the mini-workshops, we’re looking for showcases that can be experienced at quick set-up stations (like in previous years). It’s „bring your own gear“, as always. If you’re up for the gig, send a short message to with a tentative title, 3-line description and hyperlink to your project, if applicable. New deadline to submit is 21 July 2017 at 11pm CET.


The VR Conference for Journalism & Documentary is that one day in the year where narrative pioneers come together in Berlin. VR enthusiasts, journalists, interactive documentary makers, early technology adopters and other non-fiction storytellers meet to share experiences, seek inspiration and head back home feeling ‚virtually real‘. The conference is self-organised and all costs are covered by ticket sales. The talks of the first conference in 2015 can be found here. The programme from last year can be found here.


Linda Rath-Wiggins, PhD (@Lynda420) is the co-founder and CEO of the Berlin-based VR startup Vragments. They are currently building a VR tool for journalists called Fader.

Frédéric Dubois (@fredericdubois) is a maker of interactive documentary and editor of the Internet Policy Review.

Lorenz Matzat (@lorz) is the founder of the software company Lokaler, he works in data journalism and oversees @vrjournalist.